Applications Of Analytical And Bioanalytical Methods

Applications of Analytical and Bio analytical Methods

Applications of Analytical and Bio analytical Methods would discuss more about Chemo metrics, marine products, and food science, Advances in micro/Nano-bio analysis, Micro and Nano technologies in bio analysis, Method development and validation reports. Advances in micro/Nano-bio analysis: the recent research stream focuses on the integration of chemical functions using various immobilization or patterning techniques, and fusion with Nano-scale materials/molecules described above or conventional micro analytical techniques such as flow injection analysis, capillary electrophoresis, and micro electrodes. To create an valuable micro bio analytical devices, such as single-cell analysis devices or high-performance diagnosis devices. Micro and Nano technologies in bio analysis: The current improvement of bio analytical techniques including the improvement of exceedingly delicate or selective analytical methods in view of Nano-scale materials/molecules, and the advancement of new analytical tools or methods based on micro/Nano-devices have progressed with remarkable success. Analytical methods development and validation play important roles in the discovery, development, and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical products formulated with more than one drug, typically referred to as combination products, are intended to meet previously unmet patients need by combining the therapeutic effects of two or more drugs in one product. These combination products can exhibit overwhelming difficulties to the analytical chemist in charge of the development and validation of analytical methods.